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We hoped that the sequel would be as successful as the first one. We had our fingers crossed.


With the success the first movie Kabaddi garnered, there was certainly much anticipation and expectation for its prequel. And much to our excitement, not only did Kabaddi Kabaddi surpass expectations but also became one of the biggest box office hits in the history of Nepali movies, earning over Rs one crore in the opening weekend itself!
Directed by Rambabu Gurung, the social drama/romantic comedy stars the original cast of Dayahang Rai and Rishma Gurung who are joined by fan favourite Saugat Malla in the sequel. The Nepali film industry have been in a transitional period for quite some time now and it certainly seems to be headed in the right direction, thanks to the perceptible improvement in the recent movies with fairly good scripts and better acting. We recently caught up with Executive Producer Nischal Basnet to discuss his latest project.

Nischal Basnet_MG_0570_Post Photo - Ram TandukarWhy was the sequel Kabbadi Kabbadi conceived?
It was director Rambabu Gurung who came up with a concept for the follow-up of Kabaddi. The story, which he had written, was good enough for us to kick start a second film.

How sure were you about its success?
We hoped that the sequel would be as successful as the first one. We had our fingers crossed. At the same time, we believed it was not a movie made just for the sake of it. However, since it is a sequel, we were ready for any kind of comparison with the first one that may be thrown at us. The movie is doing better than we expected and we are all happy about it.

Any new movies in the pipeline?
Yes, I’m planning for my next project. I’m almost done with the first draft of the script.

You have sung for a couple of your movies, have you ever thought of coming out with an album?
There was a time when I wanted to be a singer. Things didn’t turn out good for me at that time so I left it there. I am now focused more on direction; singing will just be a part of my movies for the time being. I don’t think I will be recording an album but maybe when I get old and want to irritate people, I will think of doing so (chuckles).