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It’s a hard life; But it’s still LIFE

In this race of life, we must often dare to rise above obstacles, no matter time or circumstance. Whether small or big, we must work to fulfill our responsibilities and build self reliance. Among thousands of people walking unknown on the streets, there are a few that stand out with hard work and determination written across their face. They meet life’s challenges head on with a smile, not losing hope, building a secure tomorrow. In this edition, WOW spoke to four women street vendors to learn about their work, their life and their dreams. Excerpts:

Parbati Budathoki
25 (Ramechhap)
She sells curios in Basantapur

“It is better to be happy and independent rather than sit idle and wait for someone to fulfill your needs. My business maybe small but it’s worth it,” says Parbati Budhathoki who started her curio venture three years ago. Married and with a son, Parbati is unafraid of hard work. She likes that she is contributing equally to the family needs. She was still in school when she got married and now feels that she should have completed her education. First life’s not easy but she is willing to do what it takes to earn a living. She wants to educate her son and give him a better future.

Parbati’s Dream: “Though I couldn’t complete my studies, I want to educate my only son well and ensure that he has more opportunities than I ever did”.