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Pasang Tamang, 22

First date: We first met at coffee making class. We were just friends then. Though we had a strong bonding from the beginning, he had moved to Australia and things were slow between us, but our attachment and feelings grew stronger. It was very different for me to fall for a guy in the very first meeting and the funny thing is that we haven’t been on a date at all, and yet love happened. We used to chat on viber and the time apart gave us a lot of time. We gradually came to understand each other and realise that distance doesn’t matter but feelings do. Our love grew slowly but we decided to get hitched in a flash! It felt perfect. Nothing else matters when it comes to Prashant. People said we are really young and have made the wrong decision but I think they just don’t know us!

Who made the first move: He said the magical words first but I was the one to approach him.