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Passion for Fashion – Elen Rai

When it comes to designing, I believe in creating an impact. Going that extra mile to create a larger than life experience, I want to design to express myself and to bring something impressive to the table and take it up a notch with every new creation”.Elen Rai

Elen loves avant garde fashion and strongly believes in hard work rather than luck in achieving his dream of establishing a personal brand. He graduated from the IEC College of Arts and Fashion in 2013 and is now working for Teyang, a clothing brand besides freelancing.  His work schedule requires a 14-18 hour commitment every day.

Fashion for you: Fashion is the art of aesthetics. Wearable garments should be comfortable and stylish and non wearable garments should be artistic enough to blow the viewer’s mind.
I was a frustrated hotel management student seeking to pursue a career in a creative field. I left to join IEC College of Arts and Fashion in 2013. During my second semester, I sold my first garment. The customer liked it so much that she over paid me. That moment encouraged me to keep going!

Colour: Red – it’s bold, powerful and intense
Pattern: Plaids – its graphic, classic turned modern
Design details: Fringes for the retro look from the 20’s>br> Embellishment: Feathers for its beauty
Accessories: Belts. They can decorate any outfit