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People mostly suffer from thought attacks not heart attacks: Dr. Bharat Rawat


WOW magazine in collaboration with two social organisations Jyanti Memorial Trust and Bihani Social Venture organised a talk program with senior interventional cardiologist, Dr. Bharat Rawat on Saturday 16 April at Hotel Annapurna.

Dr. Rawat explained how our thoughts affect the health of our hearts. “A lot of times it is not a heart disease that plagues a patient it is a thought attack,” he said, referring to experiences he has had with patients.

He further added that heart diseases are mainly caused by problems in one’s lifestyle and high stress levels.

“Though stress is sometimes important and can help us perform better, high stress levels on the other hand are bad for us,” he said. Similarly according to him, fear is the mother of all negativity and that coupled with ego can cause tremendous damage.

The hour long talk was followed by an interactive session sprinkled with laughter.