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Pinkathon Kathmandu

The first international edition of Pinkathon, India’s biggest women’s run is taking place in Kathmandu on February 24. The social event aims to encourage women’s health and fitness and create awareness for breast cancer. It is being organised by Rotary Club of Baneshwor, is managed by Mice International and Leisure Port in association with MARS.  Super model, actor, fitness enthusiast and avid bare foot runner, Milind Soman is also the founder of United Sisters Foundation and the brand ambassador of Pinkathon.

Interview: Milind Soman

How did the idea of bringing Pinkathon to Kathmandu come about?
Pinkathon is the main event which we do in eight cities in India that we organize ourselves. But from the beginning people have been asking us why we’re not going to other cities and smaller towns, so we started another event called India Going Pink. We don’t make the initiatives. People come to us and say they want to do the event in their cities. Namraj Joshi came to me and said we want to make an event in Kathmandu. So I said of course and was very happy about it. And are hoping to have positive response with huge participation.

Why is this cause important to you?
The cause of health has been important to me since childhood. Running is something I really love, so it’s just using running as a tool to promote health and healthy lifestyles. In India running has become really popular but the ratio of women participating is very low perhaps due to cultural reasons. I felt like creating a space that is only for women and see if they take it or not, and fortunately they have been taking the opportunity and participating in huge numbers. In our recent event which was held in Pune, we had about 7000 women participants. In Mumbai we’re going to have it in December and there’ll be about 11,000 participants.

Could you tell us a little about United Sisters Foundation which created Pinkathon?
It was created to talk and create more awareness about women issues. We believe if we talk more about things which we generally don’t then we can work towards a solution, but if we ignore it and keep brushing it under the carpet then it will be impossible to come out of it. Even if we have to deal with things then people need to be made aware of, they need to have the information. For example a lot of women are not aware that breast cancer is a disease, which is shocking. So we need to talk about all the issues whether it is period, pregnancy or cancer… anything to do with women’s health that they need to know about.

What do you personally do to lead a fit life?
I have an active life style. I don’t go to the gym. I run whenever I have the time which is almost every day. I have five companies but no job; I don’t have to sit at a desk for 8 hours every day. I have active lifestyle which is more important than exercising.

Is this a onetime event for Kathmandu or will this be a regular feature?
It will be on a regular basis. It will take place every year.

Interviewed by: Rojina Adhikari