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Poised Pratibha Shrestha

Pratibha Shrestha is an elegant woman, mother of two and a passionate baker. She started her home-based baking business in 2010 by the name of Shake & Bake. She caters to a niche market and promotes her business through word of mouth reference. A spiritual and family person, Pratibha shares with us what makes her life beautiful.

Life is beautiful because…

I have my family's love and support; it is life’s greatest blessing. I love my life the way it is, simple and beautiful.

The best year of my life

My school days in St. Mary’s High School, Class of ‘86

I earned my first pay…

After completing my SLC I started teaching at Kantishwori School, that's where I earned my first pay.

Best Advice i have received...

My father once told me, “Don’t be euphoric just because you experience a moment of happiness and contrarily don’t be sad just because you feel sorrow. Remain Zen in either instance.”

The most beautiful person in my life

Without a doubt, it’s my mamma (mother)

The secret behind my glow

Estee Lauder cream  

The oldest item in my closet

 My mum’s golden bracelet that has a spiritual script in Arabic which is very unique

Always in my handbag

My sunglasses and MAC lipstick


I am happiest when…

I am with my babies (which includes my husband)…winks*

Definition of beauty

Beauty is a reflection of your heart 


Chance by Chanel has been an all time favourite

Style Icons

Chance by Chanel has been an all time favourite

A home remedy that I swear by

Fresh avocado paste on the face

On my wish-list

 To watch a Coldplay concert again

Most expensive item in my closet

Chance by Chanel has been an all time favourite

I can’t-live-without…

Bobbi Brown foundation

A beauty hack that works wonders…

Applying turmeric facemask once in a while and drinking plenty of water

I stay fit by…

Cycling, hiking, working out and eating mostly home cooked food 

Last book I read

Euta Sinko Bhachi Herda by Sharu Joshi Shrestha

Latest splurge

Turkish carpets from Cappadocia

A quote that I live by…

"You have one life, make yourself proud of what you do"

Most loved possession

My mum’s antique Cleopatra-esque bracelet

A movie that I can watch over and over again

Indecent Proposal