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Do you feel safe on the internet? What are some things that make you vulnerable and what do you do about it?

Prabha Timilsina
Associate Media & PR, Next Venture Corp.

With the advancement of technology, the trend of using social media and internet is massively increasing. Though I have never experienced any adverse situation, I find it unsafe to use the internet as it lacks online security and privacy. I am always careful about sharing my personal data online. Using public Wi-Fi, sharing photos and details publicly on social sites, logging onto your account from other people’s laptops or devices, filling forms or details online, are some of the common vulnerable activities that we practice daily.

To stay secure, I basically try to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) as it ensures security over public networks. I maintain privacy on social sites, avoid online forms, and surf the site well before filling any forms online. I also always use private browsers when logging from another person’s device to restrict saving details on their device. Additionally, I change passwords immediately if I find something unusual.