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Pramila Bajracharya

Pramila Bajracharya is a visual artist who loves to travel and explore the world. She has completed her Masters in Fine Arts in pursuit of her passion. Pramila is a founder member of Kasthamandap Art Studio, E-Arts and Executive Member of Women Artist Group Of Nepal. She has held many solo and group exhibitions and workshops at both national and international levels. Her work focuses on contemporary modern art (abstract and semi-abstract) with an emphasis on women’s figurative paintings. An art enthusiast for life and a versatile instructor, she is widely recognised for her works.

What does art mean to you?
For me, art resembles life. I can’t imagine anything without it. I’m also nothing without my art.

Which medium do you like working with the most?
I like to experiment in new mediums but mostly use acrylic on canvas.

Your inspiration…
My surroundings and nature inspire me all the time

The message you carry in your work…
The beauty and the struggle of nature and life… I also especially like to interlink issues women face in modern times.

Your best work…
There are so many that sometimes I don’t feel like selling my work and rather keep it to myself forever.

Favourite Nepali artist
Sashi Shah

An international art festival you would like to be part of and why?
I would love to be part of any art festival which includes the world’s best artists and their work.

Where can people contact you for your work?
Kasthamandap Art Studio or pramilaart@gmail.com

Message for women…
As women there are many difficulties to surpass, but if we follow our heart and persistently follow our dreams, there are many things we can achieve as there are boundless opportunities out there.