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Career, baby, marriage, home…. not necessarily in this order, but creating work life balance is challenging for most women today. Many struggle with guilt over not being able to give enough time to their little ones, and many struggle with their careers. While it can get seriously stressful, it is also the most rewarding role. Many of the women we spoke to about having it all said it was because of their partners love and involvement and their family’s support they were also to achive a great home, enjoy life be happy moms and career. It’s of course not without  some level of struggle, but these WOW MOMS sure  have figured out individual formulas for family happiness and work success.  Read on…

By: Sonu Yonjan Tamang

Prapti Malla Rana
Mother of 5 year old Sarakshi Rana
Founder of Small Steps Kindergarten and Preschool

The best thing about being a mother…
A mother is someone who cares from the deepest places of her heart. I love being a mother. It’s one of the most amazing and best things that ever happened to me. My daughter brings happiness to my heart. She is my world. When I held my baby for the first time, nothing else existed. I can’t tell you how it feels to be a mom. No words can describe it.

Does motherhood change your life perspective…
Motherhood didn’t change me, it made me, ME! Being a mother is not another role. It is the role of my life. Everything I am and everything I have is because I am a mom. Of course somehow responsibilities do increase, it’s more challenging to manage time but I think it has not changed my view towards life.

How do you maintain balance between being a parent and your career?
A supportive family plays a vital role. I am thankful to my family who has always encouraged and supported me. In the beginning, it was difficult to balance both work and child. My family helped me look after my baby and this allowed me to work. In the evenings, I ensured that I gave full time to my baby. I still do.

Challenges of working mother…
Being a working mother can be extremely challenging. All working moms share some common experiences ranging from frustrating to exhilarating. Many women struggle to find work-life balance and sometimes guilt seeps in when you are judged from outside by family, friends and society. When late to work, we worry what people think at office, we worry whether the baby is still crying at home, we worry if we’ll make it on time to pick our kids from school, we worry about what our family will think of if we miss a family occasion. All these take a toll on the working mom. I have learned to accept these challenges as I believe that my family benefits from my work. And it’s not just the financial aspect but I am also able to develop as a professional over the years.

What makes you a wow mom…
The best thing about being me is being a mother to my daughter. She is everything to me and I dream of making her a successful and independent woman.

I also don’t look back and live in the past. What’s done is done and I don’t live with regret. Even if it’s a mistake, I choose to learn from it and this makes me a strong woman.