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Career, baby, marriage, home…. not necessarily in this order, but creating work life balance is challenging for most women today. Many struggle with guilt over not being able to give enough time to their little ones, and many struggle with their careers. While it can get seriously stressful, it is also the most rewarding role. Many of the women we spoke to about having it all said it was because of their partners love and involvement and their family’s support they were also to achive a great home, enjoy life be happy moms and career. It’s of course not without  some level of struggle, but these WOW MOMS sure  have figured out individual formulas for family happiness and work success.  Read on…

By: Sonu Yonjan Tamang

Pratibha Limbu Tamrakar
Mother of four year old Arianna Tamrakar
Head of Marketing, Nepal Bangladesh Bank

The best thing about being a mother…
Motherhood has been a blessing. I enjoy each and every moment with my daughter. Her laughter, little gestures, hugs and cuddles make it all extra special. The best thing about being a mother is to have the unconditional love and support of your child and not be judged at all.

Does motherhood change your life perspective…
I have developed a lot of empathy for working moms now. I can totally relate to their problems and difficulties. I have become less judgemental and a lot more patient than I was before.

How do you maintain balance between being a parent and your career?
At the workplace I am a thorough professional devoting my time only to work. At home, I spend most of my time with my daughter as I don’t want to miss on any part of her growing up. So far this has worked. Besides, my parents have made it so much easier for me to concentrate on my work as they love to look after their granddaughter.

Challenges of working mother…
At times when my daughter is sick and demands my presence, it becomes quite challenging. But so far I have managed with the support of my parents who are always there in case of situations like this. Other challenges include travelling for work but luckily my husband takes over at that time.

What makes you a wow mom…
I am an open person without any facade or pretence. I am practical and optimistic and this keeps me going. I don’t choose people in my life based on any criteria.