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ASMAN A Touch of Good in The Sky

Association of St. Mary’s Alumnae Nepal (ASMAN) has been working for the past 27 years as a non-profit committed to supporting under privileged children and women across Nepal. The association brings together former students of St. Mary’s High School, the most prestigious girls’ school in the country. ASMAN’s work and commitment encompasses support in the areas of health, education, environment, skill development, cultural awareness and personality development. Its mail goal is to live up to the school ideal – for knowledge, virtue and for the betterment of society through philanthropy. In this edition of Coffee Break, WOW spoke with six founder members of ASMAN about what it means to be a Marian and the key areas that ASMAN in currently engaged with. Excerpts:

Co-ordinated by: Rojina Adhikari

Pratistha Thapa
General Secretary, ASMAN

What are the traits of a Marian?

Confident, responsible and compassionate

How does the education here distinguish you from the rest?

I feel thankful to my parents because I strongly feel it was a privilege to be studying in St. Mary’s High School. It was not only about academics but also there was focus and importance on extracurricular activities which ensured holistic growth and personality development.

Some of the key areas ASMAN is involved in?

The major area that ASMAN works is in health and education. Along with our other programs, we strongly believe in supporting other charities and organisations as well. We have supported and helped BVS (Burn Violence Survivors), Baby Life Home (children suffering from HIV), Children with Autism and Down Syndrome, Women of the Central Prison, Adult Literacy Programs and working with differently-abled children. We also reached out to Animal Nepal with support during the unfortunate fire event at the cow farm recently. We would like to continue programs like these as it helps us reach a larger number of people in need.

What does giving back to society mean to you?

It means doing all the good you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can and as long as ever can!

Best thing about being a part of ASMAN?

It is like a family full of diverse, smart and confident women who are working together for a common cause. You get to learn from each of the team members everyday and freely share your ups and downs.