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A movie or song that best describes your life…

Praveen Rana Magar
Model, Founder of Nepal Art of Modelling

There are many movie titles or songs that can relate to my life. If I’ve to pick one it’ll be FAN because I am a big fan of celebrities. The journey as a ‘fan’ started since my childhood. I used to be fanatic about celebrities. I always wanted to meet celebrities… live and up close. To accomplish this, I knew I had to work in media one way or the other. This crazy obsession has found me in this profession since 2003.

I’ve collected hundreds of autographs and thousands of photographs of celebrities to date. For me, celebrities are not normal people. They are superstars and I am a super fan. Normally people are fans of a few celebrities and I wonder why I am a fan of every celebrity there is? It could be the stardom, the attention they receive which I find intriguing.

Over the years the passion of an obsessed fan has turned me into a reputed photographer in the entertainment business. Therefore the movie title FAN depicts my life well.