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Prazada sits elegantly on the roadside of Baluwatar, with stunning décor and a beautiful beer garden. Although not officially launched, Prazada has been welcoming walk-in customers and hosting events like Saturday Pop-Up Market. Its chic interiors and top-notch service are not all that has made it popular amongst the people, the menu caters to a larger set of taste buds. The menu is not only influenced by Italian or Continental cuisine but also has a good selection of popular local tidbits and curries.

Be it pizza, pasta, burger, steaks or local touched momos and rice curries, all dishes are prepared with impressive precision. Furthermore, it is the only restaurant that holds three different draught beers in the country along with a wide range of imported beers.

Location: Baluwatar, Kathmandu
Opening hour: 12:30pm to 09:15pm
Phone number: 01 4410473