WOW | Coffee Break

Marriage, Living-In or Single

Preeti Shah
Sales Manger, Candlewood Suites- IHG property
Lakewood, Washington, USA

Marriage, live-in relationship and single hood are phases in a person’s life. These days, individuals decide what is best for them rather than what the society wants them to be, which I think is a very progressive state of decision.

Marriage for me is a strong commitment that comes with adjustments. It is a union between two individuals that involves living together legally, socially, economically and most important emotionally. In marriage you are not only committed to your partner but you are committed to each other’s families too. It’s a beautiful phase of life once you come through the adjustment phase.
Live-in relationships are about cohabitation where partners do not create any committed bonds besides living for the moment and deciding to commit before taking the ‘big plunge’. Especially, in Asian cultures, live-in relationships are considered controversial, but personally I think it’s a smart move because you do not want to ruin each other’s life just because you like the person and then later realise you are not fit for each other. Especially as marriage comes with a whole lot of adjustment and devotion, and if one cannot accommodate, trust and commit to each other then it’s good to end it rather than be in an unhealthy environment.

Single life is carefree. There’s more time for social activities. The best part of singlehood is that every decision you take is an individual decision (sometimes and when needed you take decisions with the help of your family and friends). It’s your life and you are not answerable to anyone besides yourself.

At the end of the day what really matters is that you should be happy whether married, living-in or single.

The most important factor when you are in a relationship is trust and faithfulness towards each other. What’s the use of being together if one of you is cheating?