WOW | Coffee Break


Prem Subba
UNICEF (Retired)

I can’t pinpoint to any particular book that changed my life, although I have read many books and stories that have had some impact on my life. Indra Bahadur Rai’s ‘Ek Dinko Samanyata’ from Kathastha has been a top favourite, which I have re-read many times. The story narrates the ordinary moments of a day in the life of a husband and wife with heart touching simplicity.

Another book I found unforgettable is Ganesh Rashik’s memoir ‘Das Gajaa ma Ubhiyera’ that is written with remarkable sincerity and natural flow.

In both, I find simple people trying to achieve some degree of normality in lives. Their stories relate to common people’s anxieties and frustrations, thoughts and moments. I find in these stories, a reflection of the common person’s quiet yet unwavering spirit to strive to get on with life, to be able to live a decent, contented life which I think is important whether one becomes successful or not.

Guru Prasad Mainali’s, ‘Paral ko Aago’ and ‘Naso, are stories I have read since my high school days. I am impressed by the writers simple style of storytelling and deep insight into the social practices of that time.