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Anjana Baraili is the face of various brands like Himalaya Face Care Nepal and Aavaran Skin Clinic. Born in Dhading, Anjana is a fashion model, beautician and Tiktok enthusiast. The ambitious talent aims to win the Miss Nepal crown someday. Besides, Anjana is a social butterfly who loves trying out new cuisines. Having participated on shows like Dhaka Bridal Show 2019, Gem and Jewellery Fashion Runway, Anjana is a go-getter!

Text: Anushka Shrestha
MUA: Pragati Maharjan
Photo: Ram Tandukar

Anjana is…

A go getter, spontaneous, joyful and helpful

Currently busy with

Before lockdown, I used to be busy with my professional product brand, advertisement, photo shoots, and fashion shows but recently, I have been too crazy with TikTok where I am exploring my gamut skills like dancing, acting and I spend most of my time on it doing research, looking for ideas to make it more creative. Also, I am busy in making business proposal for one of our fashion events.

What do you love about your work

I find a lot of opportunities in my profession where one canshowcase his/her talent and get noticed too. The loveliest part is that we need to always be inventive so that we can make new creative outputs.

What makes a person beautiful

Respect and dignity

What makes you beautiful

My smile

What makes life beautiful

Family and expectations turning into reality

What tickles your funny bones

Funny experiences

What makes you smile

Seeing my family members being happy gives me satisfaction. Besides, increasing number in my TikTok likes and followers make me happy and excited too.

Favourite comedian

Sandeep Chhetri and Indian actor comedian Sunil Grover as ‘Guthi’ are my favourite people.

Best therapy for happiness

‘Me’ time is essential for positive mental health. Spending time doing things that inspire me makes me happy whether it’s a cup of self-made tea, dancing or making TikTok creative, watching TV, or reading my holy book.

Current perfume

Victoria’s secret as it makes me feel fresh.

You are addicted to


On your wish list

To participate in Miss Nepal, to make myself fit as a brand promoter for different products, and to become a stylish fashion runway model.

You stay fit by

I am a taekwondo player (half black belt) and I love to do regular physical fitness exercises like stretching, and I eat home cooked organic food to make myself fitter.

Best year of your life

Every year has been my best year as I have been learning new things and also upgrading my experiences and skills but I think the best year is yet to come.

Latest splurge

My new hair colour


I drink a lot of water, fresh fruits and do homemade organic treatment as part of my skin care.



Style Icons

Malvika Subba has always been motivating me. I follow her and also wish I could do something worth like she has been doing. Also, Kangana Ranawat for her boldness, carefree attitude and her struggle from a village girl to one of the most successful actors.

Always in you handbag

My holy book, wallet, makeup, sanitiser, wipes, mobile charger with power bank and perfume.

What do you do to unwind

Listen to soothing music or write as I feel more relaxed after I write about my feelings. One way is to keep a diary.

Favourite holiday destination

Darjeeling and Sikkim

You always struggle with

Waking up early

Best thing about being you…

Joyful, friendly, well-disciplined are my few traits that makes me best among all odds.

Make up can’t do without

Lip balm, moisturiser, sunscreen, serum

Favourite makeup brands

Pixi, Estee Lauder, MAC

Things you absolutely do to look your best

Good attire, well managed hair, clean face and a smile

On a bad hair day

Every day I have my messy hairstyle

One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready

My smile & confidence

How do you utilise your spare time

Researching and finding new creative stuffs like Tiktok trending videos, learning makeup tips on YouTube, practicing dance, singing songs and reading books

Books or movies

Books because I love to gain knowledge and reading books also helps me grow my vocabulary skills

Guilty pleasure…

To trust people quickly and resemble their habits like my own

Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu

Local food in Basantapur andPatan

One thing you   can’t do without

I love humming songs unmindful of the situation