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Priyanka Karki – True Diva

Besides working as a sought after actor, singer and model, Priyanka Karki loves to cuddle in bed till noon, read romantic novels and watch romantic comedies. Right after winning Miss Teen Nepal in 2005, she set foot into the Nepali film industry, and with her versatile looks, love for singing and dancing, and passion for excellence, Priyanka continues to rule the hearts of her fans.



PriyankaKarki6_wowDescribe yourself in 3 words
Liberal, patient and empathetic

Your biggest strength
My tolerance

You are happiest when…
I am working

What are you busy with at the moment?
Shooting for a new movie called ‘Butterfly – The colours of love’

Fashion …
Is a phase. Style is eternal.

You are secretly afraid of…

Ten years from now…
Still working just as hard and even happier.

None. Life is a learning experience.

Life is…
What you want it to be 🙂