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Do you read the news? How relevant is the news today? Do you believe what you read?

Account Head, Nepal Children’s Organisation

Yes, I do read newspapers. I find online versions more convenient though. News in Nepal is almost the same every day because it revolves round political conundrum. Newspapers also enjoy cooking the same news over and over without innovation. I would not pointblank say they are totally irrelevant but the focus needs to be directed towards more thought generating journalism rather than mere reporting. For example, major political parties did not reach consensus on the government proposed amendment of the constitution of Nepal on so and so date. This story has been hitting headlines every day for the last month or more. This news is hackneyed and redundant when it is reported every time. Newspapers can explore issues inside the story and present some fact-based, research-based, scholarly ideas on how things are viewed in a larger perspective. They can also present versions from different corners which may be mind-opening to political leaders.

Newspapers do not only have a responsibility to report news for their sales, but also a social responsibility to contribute for the resolution of problems towards the welfare of the society and country. Some newspapers are doing well in this regard while a majority are just average. However, compared to newspapers some decades ago, today there is development in quality. As for authenticity of news, I have to crosscheck with many newspapers to build my opinion about any news. I do not just believe in the news except for factual incidents.