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what stresses you out & how do you beat it

Puja Giri
In charge - Customer Service Department, Kantipur Publication

Dealing with stress is never easy but its part of life. Stress in a relationship is also natural. The one you love the most can stress you the most. It’s because you love your partner that you stress on things you don’t want to happen and that’s okay… but it is important to keep in mind that stress works in insidious ways to create distance, disagreement and disconnection. What matters is how you deal with stress and stop it from escalating. At the end of the day relationships are meant to be a source of comfort.

I am a huge attention seeker when it comes to my boyfriend. Sometimes when I feel unheard and unnoticed I get really angry. I feel that his interest in me is lowering. I get super excited with plans and I can’t help gets stressed when things get cancelled specially at the last moment. I also get stressed a lot if I get late response or no response to my text. Sometimes I have to remind him to call and text me. It annoys me if he lies, even if it’s justifiable. It makes me really upset if I feel that I am not his priority. So what do I do in this situation?

I think communication is the most important thing in any relationship. So when I am stressed I talk about it and don’t shut him down by sulking or crying. I ask every question on my mind and need proper explanation. I confront him if there’s a misunderstanding to help solve the problem right there. Over thinking is another reason for stress so I focus on solutions rather than over-thinking an issue.