WOW | Musical Conversation

Punyam Pradhan

“Music is my life. Without it I wouldn’t be the person I am”

Punyam Pradhan is the former front man of Pratibimba Samhua and started his musical journey in 1992 recognised for his versatility as a singer and performer. The band had produced four albums. Punyam Pradhan shares an unconditional love for music and considers it to be the best part of his life. Currently he is working in a Norwegian cruise line based in the United States. His musical inspirations are Narayan Gopal and Om Bikram Bista. Punyam is now recording a solo album to keep his musical journey alive. Excerpts of a recent conversation with him:

How do you define yourself?

I am a very emotional and transparent person. What you see is what I am. I do not stand behind a veil of mystery nor am I afraid to reveal myself. Needless to say, I am hardworking person and love what I do.

What does Pratibimba mean to you? And what is the difference you found in being part of a band and now as a solo artist?

Pratibimba introduced me as an artist and it holds a very special place in my heart. Being a solo artist is challenging and I feel the extra pressure. However, as a solo artist, I also feel independent and am thoroughly enjoying my journey.

Who have been your greatest influences in music?

My late father is my greatest influence in music. In my eyes, he was a great musician. He taught me the value of music.

Do you enjoy watching music videos?

Yes, I do enjoy watching music videos now and then. At the moment, I am very actively checking the latest music videos to understand the current trends before shooting my own.

How important are lyrics to your music?

Lyrics have their own importance. In my opinion, lyrics complement the music, but its music that gives feelings. There are many songs with great music but weak lyrics, yet they resonate with you. However, if you pair great lyrics with weak music, it doesn’t stand a chance.

If you were not a musician you would have been…

I have never thought of being apart from music. The key to success is being passionate about what one does. I cannot think of anything apart from music. If I do something different in any other field, I wouldn’t be happy.


Your own song that you love
Bijaune Yaad Haru from my solo album Portrait

Favourite instrument

Tujhe Se Naraz Nahi Zindagi from Masoom

Favourite singer
Our respected Om Bikram Bista

Music is…
the best way to express my emotions. It has the unique ability to make a person happy, sad, romantic, angry…. music also has amazing healing powers. It never stops fascinating me that simple sound waves can hold so many emotions.