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Pursuit Of Happiness

A healthy body and mind can lead to a much happier life. WOW talks to fitness enthusiasts of different genres to learn what makes and keeps them strong.

Text by: Anushka Shrestha
Photos: Ram Tandukar / Gokul Shress

Alize Biannic
Founder, Solis Performing Arts

A professional French ballerina, Alize believes dancing nourishes the soul, mind and body. Alize did her training in Paris Opera Ballet School from the age of ten, then moved to the Ballet Schule der Oper Leipzig. At the age of 15, she joined the Young Ballet Company of Catalonia (Spain) and finally the Royal Ballet in London. She has also been involved in drama and movies.  She founded Solis Performing Arts in Nepal in 2015 with the aim to provide a platform for dancers in ballet, contemporary, hip-hop and jazz genre.

What are the benefits of ballet dancing?
It helps your body and mind work at the same time. Firstly, it is the muscles. When doing ballet, you are working on every single muscle of your body which keeps your body really fit. Secondly it helps to build concentration as you need to remember a lot of different steps.  Furthermore, it also helps people suffering from any kind of mental illness because it activates the mind.

When did you first get introduced to ballet?
As a child I always used to dance around the house. My mum noticed my interest and took me to watch a beautiful show in Paris where I witnessed a ballet performance. Ever since my love for ballet has only grown!

What are your thoughts on ballet as a form of fitness?
Ballet is very good for people of any age but the level of achievement varies. For an old person, ballet may help them to develop flexibility while for a young person it helps build muscles while growing up. Overall, ballet helps in maintaining the core stamina and upper body strength.

Do physical and mental fitness go hand in hand?
Yes it does. I live by the saying “dance for your soul”.

What is strength for you?
Strength for me is being able to overcome problems without hurting yourself or anyone else.