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Q. I am a 40-year-old woman, who has never had a her facial done before. I want to now try it out. Can you suggest what things I should take into consideration before having a facial and what would be some of the best facials I can try?Shradha Sitoula

A. There are many facials you could do however as this is the first time I wouldn’t start with anything abrasive. I would like you to try the oxygen facial depending on your skin type as this will really help plump the skin and provide hydration.

One of the top facials that we provide at Dolly’s is a Corrective Globe lift which helps with anti-ageing and rejuvenation of the skin. The products are full of hyaluronic acid which really help lift and plump the skin, and teamed with the lymphatic drainage system it will draw out all the impurities of the skin.

Some of the must-try facials this summer are:
1. Tutti frutti facial: For hydration and natural glow
2. Oxygen facial: For hydration, anti-ageing and lifting
3. High frequency combined with natural fruit facial

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