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Shape of you

 It’s the start of a new day and the first thing you hear is, “Look at you…” The thoughts running in your head could be many: ‘Do I look fat or skinny?’, ‘Is my make-up too loud?’, ‘Is my hair a nest?’ And then, the person completes the sentence: “You look beautiful, as always.”

To tell a woman to love her body whatever her shape, WOW collaborates with three leading designers who are known to embrace all curves and edges to make a woman look and feel beautiful.

Teyang (Tenzing Yangkyi Shrestha), Tenzin Tseten Bhutia and Manish Rai share their expert tips.

Photos: Ram Tandukar
MUA: Shreeja Shrestha (@shrezastha Contact: 9843523088)

Manish Rai on  the Diamond body shaped

The waist is larger than the bust and hips. The shoulders are narrow compared to the hips. Breasts are small to medium in size. They have a tendency to gain weight on their stomach, back, hips and buttocks. They carry some weight on their upper legs. Their greatest asset is their lower legs which are shapely and one of their most attractive feature. You have proportionately slender, shapely arms, so flaunt it.


  • Wear figure flattering garments instead of loose ones.
  • Garments in dark shades such as black, navy blue minimise curves providing an appearance of a slimmer body.
  • Turtlenecks and chaubandi make necks look shorter so they should be worn with caution.
  • Monochromatic outfits make the wearer look taller and slimmer.
  • Princess seam and empire line garments are more flattering.
  • Big patterns should be avoided.
  • Layering when done right also slims down the body shape

Model: Prathana Uday Sundar Shrestha in Manish Rai collection
Co-founder of MP Luxury Bridal

What is your favourite part about Manish’s designs?

It makes me feel like a princess.

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia on Oval shaped body

The waist is larger than the bust and hips. The hips are narrow compared to the shoulders. The oval body shape or apple body shape has a tendency to gain weight on their stomach, back and upper body. They also have a full, shorter neck and full face. Usually, their buttocks are somewhat flat and their legs are slender. Girl, your sharply, graceful legs are your best asset.


  • The key to dressing an oval body type is to de-emphasise your midsection and create a more defined waist.
  • Choose clothes that add curves and fullness to your lower body and top that tapers to a waist.
  • Opt for tops with nipped or belted waists.
  • Go with square, wide V or U necks.
  • Wrap-style tops and jackets work wonders.
  • Opt for tops with vertical details.
  • Opt for tops that flare at the hip
  • Belted safari-type jackets with prominent hip pockets and a wide, deep neckline add curves to your hips and minimises your tummy.

Model: Reena Sherchan in Tenzin Tseten Bhutia collection
Associate Director of Sales, Fairfield by Marriott, Kathmandu

What is your favourite part about Tenzin’s designs?

It’s trendy yet extremely comfortable. The finishing is very good.

Teyang  on Pear shaped body

The hips are larger than the bust, and the waist gradually slopes out to the hips. Pear-shaped or a triangle shaped body has a nicely defined waist, an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. They first gain weight on their bottom and legs followed by their tummy and upper body.


  • The key to dressing a pear body shape is to enhance and add volume to your upper body.
  • Emphasise on your waist and de-stress your lower body to create a balanced, hourglass appearance.
  • Tops with nipped or fitted waists works wonders.
  • Opt for off the shoulder, boat-neck tops, and wide V or U necks
  • Go with structured shoulders, princess or flutter sleeves.
  • Embellishments look best around the bust and shoulders.
  • Opt for bright colours and bold patterns.
  • Dress shirts with structured or princess shoulders and a darted waist will best compliment your body type.

Model: Rhea Pradhan in Teyang collection
Blogger and famously known as @peppyowl on Instagram

What is your favourite part about Teyang’s designs?

Wearing and representing sustainable fashion.