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How to ZEN your workspace?

A nice workspace can lift the mood and help enhance productivity. Smriti Thapa Khatri, CEO of Designo Studio gives tips on how to Zen your workspace through the right choice of colours and furniture placement.

What should an ideal workspace look like?

Everyone has their own concept of what is Zen. I think when creating your workspace, the most important part is that it feels right for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment to create a space that nurtures your soul, inspires creativity, and sets the stage for success.

What colour schemes are good for a stress-free workspace?

Colours can make a difference. A calming green colour can promote the feeling of tranquility and improve the productivity of employees. I would suggest opting for soft neutral shades as it provides an overall sense of well being and helps to improve efficiency and focus.

What if we need to do a lot of thinking?

Employees need a break and time away from their desks. A properly designated area to unwind will help enhance productivity.

What if we have little space?

Furniture plays an important role in the workspace. Large, heavy and dark coloured furniture makes the space look small and crowded leading to stress and anxiety. Some might even feel claustrophobic. Thus to make your office space appear bigger use lighter hues such as pale blues, creams, and light greys. Also, cut out the clutter in your space to give a more organised feel and create an appearance of a much bigger room.

Five tips on de-cluttering

• Reduce the amount of stuff you have on your table.

• Creating a space for loose papers; label everything.

• Use drawers and cabinets for office supplies

• Switch to digital versions.

• Tidy up before you leave the office.

What kind of decoration will help inspire work?

Plants can add a lot of organic character to a drab office environment. Having small indoor plants will improve the air quality and remove impurities while adding a focal point to your work environment. You can also use large house plants to create helpful separations between workplaces. It can be a source of peaceful contemplation during a hectic day.