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When men react violently to shame women…

Rabin Manandhar
Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Shambala

Violence against women is not just a woman’s issue, it’s a global issue and it’s a global epidemic. Needless to mention that women empowerment is vital for peaceful and prosperous society, and that eventually society cannot sustain in existence of violence against women. Violence has a devastating impact on individuals and on society. Nevertheless, it is preventable but conscious effort is needed to fight against it. Every person, from leaders to businessmen, from athletes to academicians need to integrate and unite to stop it.

Women must not have to wait for anyone to be given their rights. Every woman has to take the initiative and claim her rights and raise awareness and mobilise socially to protect these rights.

Remember, if violence happens once, it will happen repeatedly. For this reason, it should be completely eliminated. Everybody needs to understand the importance of gender equality and equity in society and its significant role in socio-economic development. We need to increase our respect for each other, especially those closest to us: in the workplace, at schools, in public places, and even in our homes.