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Rajaswala Utsav

On June 2, Bookworm Foundation organised Rajaswala Utsav, an event celebrating menstruation, at Summit Hotel. The program was organised with the aim of changing the prevalent mindset towards menstruation from stigma to something to be celebrated. The program kicked off with a panel discussion on menstrual taboos prevalent in Nepali society. The panel discussion was moderated by Durga Karki, a lawyer and writer. The speakers included Dr Laxmi Tamang, SRHR expert who has been working in this area for decades, Mohna Ansari, Member of the National Human Rights Commission, and Raj Sargam Gautam, Author of Chhaughar, a novel about menstrual taboo prevalent in Western Nepal. The panelists shared that the mindset is equally prevalent in the urban areas and cities and a lot needs to change. “Demolishing physical Chaupadi sheds is not enough, we need to change the overall mindset of people”, Moderator Karki concluded. The event also featured a slam poetry session with Word Warriors and Nawaraj Silwal. The event was part of the IME Literature Festival.