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Is it okay if she remains friends with an ex? Would you?

Rajib Subba, PhD

Director, Communication Directorate, Police Head Quarter

It is a gray area so we need to be very thoughtful and cautious. We can be friends with an ex as long as we stay away from being romantic again. However the question is can we differentiate between being romantic and just being friends? I think it’s a challenge not only for you and your ex but also for your family and friends. When my ex broke up our relationship she proposed to keep the friendship. I was amused and wondered how my future wife would think about it and vice versa! Moreover I was wondering what my ex’s husband would think about it if he happens to know that I was his wife’s ex. Having this holistic picture and thoughtfulness helped me realize that I should stay away from my ex. Now with passing time, the same ex refuses to recognise me! And I understand her situation. Of course a relationship is a social capital which has great value, but sometimes “najane gaaunko bato nasodhnu” works better.