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The one thing you should never compromise on in a relationship!

Rakchya Karki
Managing Director, Muskan Enterprises

There are so many things to consider in finding that optimum balance for a lasting relationship. I find that a lot of long term successful relationships have one thing in common which is trust. I am not talking about honesty; I am not saying being honest about everything, sharing all the minute details of your life. For example the trend of sharing passwords is definitely childish and a self-destructive act because it clearly conveys a message of distrust rather than trust *and no respect for personal space which is a big NO*. Trust means having faith in your partner to decide what is best for their own career, relationship and family. You understand and trust in their goals and the path to their goals, their different friend circles, and the need for personal space with and without the partner having to babysit around the clock. Basically, trust is a must!