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Does the media perpetuate unhelpful stereotypes of women? Does this create body image anxiety among women?



Ramesh Bdr. Singh Thakuri

The media constantly continues to perpetuate unhelpful stereotypes of women. It is not unusual to see magazines and TV shows prioritising the so-called perfect figure that every woman is supposed to maintain in order to look good. We never get to see oversized women on the cover of magazines while we do get to see advertisements, with their use of testimonials from celebrities, create huge hype among women. Media has played a principal role in poisoning people’s brain with such body-image stereotypes and too much disgrace; we have simply learned to follow the trend since we are quite fascinated or indeed addicted to sophistication. It has been hammered hard in our brain thanks to the media platforms without which we cannot live.

Nevertheless, some media have started to modify their contents revolving around body-image issues. Just recently a popular magazine published an article about an oversized woman, expressing her utter happiness and confidence through her clothing line “I’m fat so what?” Hence, such efforts have proved remarkable in reducing the body-image anxiety among women to a certain extent.