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How Should Rape Be Punished by Law In Nepal?

Alisha-Tuladhar Nepal could certainly learn from other countries. For instance, one of the strictest countries, France has laws against rape starting from 15 years of imprisonment to life-long imprisonment. Saudi Arabia goes to the extent of beheading the law violator in public. While I do realise that capital punishment in Nepal has long been demolished, the number of imprisonment years could surely be increased.

In most cases, it’s not the question of law, but rather the enforcement of the law, the social stigmas and the behind-the-scenes drama against the victim. For example: a young rape victim from Mahotari was expelled from her house and village because she was accused of corrupting the youth and instigating them to commit the crime. While her rapists ran free she was condemned by society.

The grim reality of this story made me realise how unfair and brutal our society is. Although Nepal has made some progress like the new Act in which marital rape is a non-bailable crime. Questions like “How will society learn to protect victims and empower them?” still linger. Hence, now it is not just the matter of forming new laws but providing a society that protects its people against such crimes.

Alisha Tuladhar
Impact Fund Lead
Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal