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Rastra Bimochan Timalsena : Do you ever get tired of trying to be manly all the time?

Rastra Bimochan Timalsena

Lawyer/ YouTuber (RandomNepali)

Being manly is a very vague term. For some, being physically, emotionally strong is being manly, and for others being honest and self disciplined makes them feel manly, while some might think being brutally honest even if that might hurt someone’s feelings is manly. So, you see, the definition of manly differs from person to person, guy to guy.

For me, being manly is being honest, helpful and being able to solve problems during crisis situations. Most of the time I do what I feel like doing and this I believe is true for many guys out there. Additionally, I also believe that for guys, feeling manly is an evolutionary trait and almost every guy does things which make them feel manly.

I never get tired of trying to be manly. Every guy has a right to feel and live as per their beliefs as long as they do not hurt another’s liberty or interfere with their rights.