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Is it okay if she remains friends with an ex? Would you?

Rebati Ram (Rafael) Poudel

Free Lance Consultant, Knowledge Partner

There is a purpose for anyone to cross one’s life. Some relationships are momentary while some last for longer periods. Two people try to stay together till they feel the need of each other’s support. There are several reasons because of which they part or let loose of their commitment. However, two individuals may remain in contact in further walks of life. They may still feel the need to rely on one another for any reason which provides emotional support.

I would be happy to acknowledge that my girlfriend may receive help from her ex which I am unable to offer myself. For me, ‘trust’ is the most important value. The past is related to two individuals only, it is better the third person remain least bothered. I am sure my girlfriend would tell me if there is anything I need to know. Rather than fuelling jealousy and doubt and ruining the relationship, I put my complete faith in my girlfriend and her decision to remain in contact with her ex. I am fortunate that she also feels the same way; we try to un-complicate both of our lives.