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Marriage, Living-In or Single

Reecha Sharma

Singlehood is something that I am enjoying right now. The most important thing you enjoy being single is of course your freedom. You can be yourself and get focused on what you want in life. Since every coin has two sides being single is always not a good idea. There will come situations like when you are feeling low and having no one to share it with.

Talking about living-in trends that are emerging in urban areas, I don’t see it as an issue. In our society, pre marital sex is a taboo and it does become hard for those who want this type of relationship. But I do think living together helps partners learn more about each other in ways that helps them make their life together better. Nonetheless, it is the turning point either for a happy ending or the end of the relationship as it is often taken as a phase to help us decide whether we can continue our lives together or not. I think it provides the couple the space to understand their compatibility.

Marriage is not my cup of tea yet and it is a tough decision to make. Getting married is not only about you and your better half. It is about two families too. There comes a lot of responsibility with marriage especially for girls. Being aware about marriage is a must. I would suggest that get into it when you are really very sure about it; be it from a financial, emotional or social perspective. It’s better to take your time, see the world and enjoy its best and only then decide to settle down, even it means that you are slightly late.