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Renu Gurung, 24

Preparation and celebration : My husband’s name is Anish Gurung. We had a court marriage two and a half years ago and held a wedding reception only after two years due to certain circumstances. Our parents believe in horoscopes and hence all the rituals were delayed as I wasn’t supposed to do the wedding rituals before I turned 24.We had a court marriage for legal reasons and on that occasion, I decided to wear a white dress as it was more elegant for the courtroom. It was more of a personal choice. After I turned 24, we had proper wedding rituals – the traditional way – wearing a sari and for the reception I worea lehenga. It was the most unforgettable and much awaited time of my life!”

Perks of marrying young: People say that marrying young is the end of your freedom. I don’t believe in this even the slightest bit because both my husband and in-laws never have and never will try to clip my wings just to prove his manliness to society or to his friends. In fact, being married has given me more freedom than I ever had being single. Every marriage is different and has its ups and down. And believe me when I tell you that my marriage isn’t any different. We have our ups and down but we always find our way back to each other.

Marriage is not just signing a piece of paper or following some rituals, it’s the promise that you make to each other and keep it until the end of your life. I believe marriage should be based on the foundations of trust and honesty.

All my friends and colleagues kept telling me that we were too young to get married but does age really matter? When you know deep in your heart that you simply just want to spend rest of your life with each other. I mean, we were both of legal age to get married, I had graduated and we both had a good job. So, why wait? Hence we decided to get married.