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Rhythmic Elements

A choreographer, teacher and a performing artist Subima Shrestha uses her love for dance in many ways. Using varying kathak moves and delicate facial expressions, Subima has performed in numerous shows and also runs Nritya Aagan based in Lalitpur. She teaches children and adults kathak with precision and love. A woman of many talents, Subima is defiantly a name to remember in the performance arts scene.



Art is…

As a performing artist, art for me is a process of finding a moment of satisfaction and peace in the midst of all the riaz, or practice. It is when a person’s individual expression of an honest sensation or feeling comes through in a creative form.

Which form do you like performing the most?

Footwork and hand movements in Kathak… live music in an intimate setting.

Your inspiration…

I am inspired by the creation of rasa, or mood. I am driven by performing and visual artists who through riaz have moved beyond the technical to convey a rasa and a perfection that is playful.

Nritya-Aagan1Your best performance…

It was on March 1, 2015 when I performed a dance piece that I had choreographed myself at the programme ‘Kathak…The Story Telling’ which was held at the Army Officer’s Club. Inspired by the title character from B.P. Koirala’s play Sumnima, it is a performance I cherish the most.

Favourite Nepali artist

In music – Sitarist Bijay Lal Shrestha
In theater – Anup Baral
In visual arts – Sunita Maharjan and Mekh Limbu

One international art festival you would like to be a part of and why?

Someday I would love to perform with my guru Shikha Khare at a kathak dance festival in Delhi such as ‘Vasantotsav’ which happens annually in February to celebrate Birju Maharaj’s birthday.

If you weren’t an artist, you would be…

I cannot imagine what I would be without dance.

Where can people contact you…

They can contact me at my studio Nritya Aagan in Gyanmandala, Jhamshikhel. We also post updates of performances on www.facebook.com/nritya.aagan.