WOW | Ed Page

Right is right, even if everyone is against it

I look at the varying levels of violence, unrest and hatred that has seeped into the landscape of our lives across the globe and it makes me think whether we as human being have really evolved. Our life spans have increased, we have access to an increasingly comfortable life, technology connects us at speeds and ease as never before…yet we have become fragmented in our thoughts and actions. In a bid to lead modernized and cutting edge lives, we have forgotten to have real and meaningful conversations, forgotten about empathy, grace and gratitude, forgotten about trust, dignity and respect. So then is this what it is to evolve?

You switch on the TV and you hear people shouting at each other, arguing and condemning opinions at escalated levels of superiority. The basic courtesies we teach our children lost in our own actions. You read the news and all headlines are focused on sensationalism. You meet people and you immediately find yourself being sized up for what you represent: your position, your economic status, the clothes your wear, the car you drive, your accent, your ancestry and even your connections or ability to air kiss and draw attention.

It’s time perhaps that we reflect where is this culture of aggression stemming from? It is time to look into our books, movies, art, music, politics, policies and more. From video games and films that make violence look cool to politics and policies and governments negotiating weapon sales and world’s arm trade to toxic masculinity and violence against women and children, we need to reflect deeply into what are the life values we are representing.

In a world where there is no single uniform reality, I still believe in William Penn’s quote: Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it. Reality is subjective and objective, but when you live with compassion, courage and empathy in your heart, the choices will not seem so daunting.