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A Rising Star – Shilpa Maskey

Describe yourself in 3 words

A person who loves to be in the moment

Your biggest strength

My family and friends who have always been supporting me and believing in me

Your life goal

Having no regrets in life.

You are happiest when…

I am happiest when I dance, I feel free!

What are you busy with currently?

Shooting my new film

Fashion is…

Something that allows a person to look their absolute best . When you look your absolute best, you feel your absolute best which helps you to hold your head higher and have pride in yourself!

Style VS Trend

Style because a woman with her own style is always a little bit different. It does not mean that she’s not trendy, but she has that uniqueness and her own flare in whatever she wears.

Ten years from now…

I want to continue working in movies and living happily with my family.

Life is…

Living in the moment and making sure you enjoy it as much as possible!

Things people don’t know about you
Believe it or not, but I am super funny and love a good laugh!
Very emotional
I am a foodie
I am quite sarcastic

On the cover: Shilpa Maskey
Photographer: Raj Bhai Suwal
Wardrobe: Manish Rai, PJ’z Collection
Accessories: The Empress
Call: 980-1017064
Make-Up and Hair by: Sizi Thapa | Coordinated by: Rojina/Sonu/Priya