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Rising Stars In Music

Bidhya Tiwari

Bidhya Tiwari made waves delivering hit numbers such as Pitch Road and Ghamma Sukaideu. Her voice has captured many hearts. She is bit shy, Manko Dhoka, and Timilai Ma K Bhanu are some of her songs which have garnered immense popularity. She caters to music lovers across generations blending Western and Eastern music elements together. “Limiting yourself to only one genre is not enough in the present context. The audience is always looking for something distinctive. One needs to explore new techniques. The more we explore the more creative we become. I keep trying new things,” she explains.

Inspired by her father and grandfather, both lovers of music, Bidhya took music lessons from a very young age. After completing high school, she started her career as a vocalist with a band doing gigs at different venues.
In 2017, she became a celebrity overnight when she appeared in the promo of Nepal Idol Season 1. Although she did not win the contest, she came in the top 18, amassing many fans and supporters. She has also participated in Voice of Nepal Season 1 to reach the quarter-finals.

Today she is the recipient of several awards: Shila Nari Award from Bhim Birag Pratisthan as a newcomer in 2018, Rapti Music Award 2019 for Ghamma Sukaideu and also Industrial Peace Nepal Music Award 2076 .
She will soon be releasing her latest song Bhidma Pani featuring Suman KC.

Inspiration… My parents. They’ve supported me throughout my journey.
Music … Is my passion
Three singers you admire… Adele, Narayan Gopal and Sunidhi Chauhan
Most significant achievement… Dambaruko Dandibiyo from the movie Gantabya and Pitch Road

Nikhita Thapa
Singer, Composer & Lyricist

Nikhita Thapa is in the front ranks of the Nepali music industry for her self-composed and written song Rang in collaboration with Brijesh Shrestha. The song has gathered huge fan following for its captivating vocals and visuals.

The multiple national award-winning singer has dozens of modern and playback songs like Udayo Hawale, Mayale Boleko, Sirsirey to her credit. The young musician hails from Darjeeling, and is deeply inspired and encouraged by her father, an army officer and musician himself.

At the age of seven, Nikhita began to learn classical music. In 2013, she moved to Kathmandu and met composer Rajan Ishan and got her first break, with Jati Chhan a song from the movie The Three Lovers. In 2014, she released her first album Nikhita where she sang the lyrics of Dinesh Adhikari with music composed by Hari Lamsal. She has won national awards like Image Award, Bindabasini Music Award and Kalika Music Award. In 2018, she teamed up with singer and composer Brijesh Shrestha and started composing herself. Her first composition is Sirsirey was very successful and this motivated her to continue songwriting.

“I want to grow as an artiste, explore new dimensions of music, and contribute to the music industry,” she shares.

Music is… Life
Three artists you want to work with… Sajjan Raj Vaidhya, Rohit Shakya, Trishna Gurung
Inspiration… Lata Mangeshkar, I grew up listening to her songs.

Anu Shakya
Composer & Singer

Anu Shakya is possibly one of the busiest artistes in Kathmandu performing one concert after another. She is greatly admired for her bold voice and stage presence.

Anu stepped into the music industry by giving band performances at various pubs. After two years, she decided to try her hands at composing. In 2017, she formed a band named Anu ra Bimba. In 2018, she came into the limelight by becoming a quarter-finalist in The Voice of Nepal Season 2. After the competition she released her song Sapana which gained her immense popularity. She will soon be releasing her new single Prem Kahani a love song with her band Anu ra Bimba.

Music is… My soul
Three favourite singers… Adele, Sabin Rai, Jeevan Gurung
Inspiration… Parents because they have survived the hardest situations in life and I have learnt to follow my passion from them.
Life mantra… Be kind and polite.

Himanshu Rayamajhi Godhuli

Photo by: Samir Pradhananga
The high energy Ek Kan Dui Kan Maidan has received 12 million views within two months and is the ‘IT’ party song nowadays. The catchy words behind this popular track are written by young lyricist Himanshu Rayamajhi. Her songs Juma Juma, Meri Aama, Napayera Timilai are also hugely popular.

Himanshu is counted amongst the handful of Nepali women lyricists who have made her mark. Her passion for writing dates back to her childhood. As a child, her poems were published in the local paper of her hometown Siraha. She stepped into the music industry when popular singer Kamal Khatri asked her to write a song for the album Asawari. She wrote two stanzas and Khatri completed the song. In 2017, the song released through the official YouTube channel of Iraj, a Sinhalese musician, receiving immense appreciation from listeners.

“For lyricists, there is great satisfaction to see singers gaining millions of fans from their songs. I never mind that I am not in the frontline. I believe a singer holds the responsibility of carrying the creation to the masses. I am happy seeing people enjoying my creation,” she shares. Her song Din Dhalyo in the voice of Ram Krishna Dhakal and composition of Ram Sitaula is on the pipleine.

Besides music, she works with an NGO called Aasaaman Nepal in Siraha.

Himashu is… Nature lover, music learner, and a writer.
Inspiration… My mother inspires me by motivating me in every step of my life. Whereas, lyricist, musician and singer Rabi Mall often guides me with his suggestions and feedback.