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A woman you admire in politics and why?

Ritika Rathi
Managing Director, Printer’s Point

Within international politics, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, a contemporary figure for our generation, is a figure I greatly admire and find inspirational. From her humble beginnings; from tending to the family’s goats as a child, immigrating and assimilating to a new country and working hard through school, she has achieved success and thrived. She has stood by her convictions and beliefs numerous times to further education and women’s rights in France, despite the complex social issues. Her inspiring background, culminating in becoming France’s first female Education Minister is a testament to the fact that one is able to achieve extraordinary things through hard-work and without compromising one’s values. The way she rose, achieved her goals, showed how determined she was. This conviction of hers really inspires and gives courage to the belief that to follow your dreams and to make a sincere positive contribution to society is in fact possible and attainable.