WOW | Musical Conversation

Get into a romantic mood as ten of our most well-known musicians share their playlist of love songs



Bhanai by Tribal Rain
I love the lyrics, music and also the style of the vocalist; it’s incredible the way this song is sung in his unique Nepali accent.

Saiyaan by Kailash Kher
The lyric is just awesome, I feel really happy every time I hear this song.

Farki Farki by Albatross
“Ansu jhare ma puchidiula, Aakashko tara sabai ma tipera lyaidiula (I will always wipe your tears, I will pick up all the stars for you)” – I love the cheesiness and how romantic the song is. It reflects a lover’s promise to do almost the impossible things for his love.

The long and winding road by The Beatles
I love the feel of the song. The emotion delivers through music.