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As a couple is it important to share everything?

Sabin Uprety
Student, Shanker Dev Campus

Be it the joys of life or the worst of experiences, sharing has its utmost meaning achieved only when it is the right person to give an ear. As far as a couple is concerned, sharing even the mundane is a common thing to do. From painful memories to unexpected ecstasies, from the tiny thought of “why I bought the dress” to “why you shouldn’t talk with that guy”, from the pure intimacies of love to the crazy fight at 12am; everything is shared.

But I personally believe in personal space for both to be comfortable and happy. It should be a space of trust and respect. For our own benefit, we must understand that every little thing cannot be shared. Your facebook password cannot be hers to spy on your details, or the secret intimacies with your ex cannot be hers too. This equally applies to the man too. Moreover some things in life are too painful to talk about. So, for maintaining self esteem and mutual respect, it is mandatory that a couple do not share everything. After all, few things are perfect untold.