WOW | Coffee Break

How do you define intelligence in today’s context?

Sabita Acharya
Equal Access Nepal, Program Officer, Saathi Sanga Manka Kura

Intelligence has its own subjectwise definition. In context of security affairs, it is defined as tactic to gain secret information about some agencies. I would like to link it with a little different and creative context in women’s world. I understand it as the ability to learn, understand or gain some knowledge through some difficult but creative way. We can say, it is the very skilful way of handling reason. It is also more or less the comprehensive capability of a person in doing something.

In today’s context we can say that knowledge, skill or let’s say, intelligence can be gained easily through several branches of communicative innovations. We can Google it, we can use various social networking tools such as facebook/twitter/instagram, YouTube etc. However, while using these branches of innovations we should be careful about choosing the right information. These internet materials might have been guided by personal perspectives or biased attitude. So, we should use our own reason to filter that information.

Talking about intelligence, it is little bit challenging to girls. We face many difficulties while dealing with everyday life. We face hurdles in public vehicles, we face hurdles while we walk and drive in crowded streets, several women friends complain about difficulties at their work places. I believe that we need to use our creative and innovative intelligence to deal with these affairs.