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Ranju Tamang is one of the country’s few women Thangka artists. She worships her art, and shares that she initially learned Thangka painting from her elder brother but is now under the guidance of a teacher. Thangka painting is a complex art form using intricate tools and techniques, and deep understanding and expressive abilities that can even take a lifetime to perfect. In a conversation with WOW, the student artist talks about her interest in art. Excerpts:

What does art mean to you?

For me, art is creative process. And creativity requires imagination and skill.

Your inspiration to become an artist…

I am inspired by my elder brother who gave me the opportunity to become an artist.

Your best work till date…

I received the opportunity to work on Buddha’s life. It has been my most memorable experience till date.

Favourite Nepali artist

Lain Singh Bangdel, Tej Bahadur Chitrakar, Samundra Man Singh Shrestha.

One International Art Festival you would like to be part of and why?

China’s Shanghai International Art Festival. If I get the opportunity I would love to be a part of this festival. It exposes you to different art forms from different country and the chance to meet international artists and understand their art culture and viewpoints.

If you weren’t an artist, you would be…

I would have been a singer.

Where can people contact you for your work?

I can be contacted by email on ranjutamang901@gmail.com

By: Sonu Yonjan Tamnag