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Does her being too wild in bed make her not long term relationship material ?

Sahayog Raj Adhikari
Casting Director at Gauthali Entertainment

I am a firm believer that a relationship is never defined by a single thing. Sex is an important part of a relationship but it’s definitely not the ‘ONLY’ important thing. People express themselves in distinct ways and for me, that’s perfectly fine. I wouldn’t judge or decide on the future of a relationship solely based on sex.

Whether you are a woman or a man, I believe it would not be right to judge your partner only on the basis of sexual intimacy. However in some cases, someone can just be very comfortable with his/ her partner and is willing to try out new things in bed, but the feelings may not be reciprocated. In such a scenario, I think it’s best to exercise caution and develop emotional intelligence to deal with the issue. If one truly cares about the other person, s/he will understand the needs and deal with it accordingly.

For me, communication is key to a successful relationship. So, first and most importantly one should be openly able to communicate about their sexual interests with their partner.