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If happiness is a currency, how rich do you think you are?

Sahishnuta Sharma
Officer - Marketing & Communications (Laxmi Bank Limited)

If I were to evaluate my richness on the basis of happiness as a currency, it would be a tough competition to Mr. Gates. I believe happiness is nothing but a choice, a choice that you make yourself and believe in. It simply takes the smallest of the small things to be happy but realising and living it is what matters the most.

Happiness to me is not a big idea of a vacation, parties or loads of gifts (well it certainly does add into it), it is a feeling of optimism and thankfulness for everything, every day! A warm hug from a dear friend, teeny-weenie compliments at work, seeing someone smile because of you, finding some forgotten cash in the pocket, dancing to your favourite song, watching a beautiful sunset and the list can go on and on. If we really look at it, happiness is all around and in abundance. Last but never the least; even if we think we can compare it to money, we never can as happiness is priceless.