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Who is the one person you can talk to about just anything?

Sameen Poudel

Having a group of girls to do everything with is always great, but I am more comfortable sharing everything with my male best friend. It’s nice to have male companionship to escape from girly things every once in a while. I have never met anyone like him. He annoys me the most, but he also makes me see things from a totally different perspective. His care and love for me makes me close to him. He is the one who helped me get through messy parts of life in these past years. He reminds me that I can do anything with my life, and always encourages me to do the things I want.

He tells me when I am wrong, when I am overreacting, or when I am just being unreasonable. We are not of the same age, we don’t live close to each other nor do we meet every day, we are from different faculties in college, we don’t talk much, but we are connected. My first hello on the phone tells him in what mood I am. Whenever I am in a bad mood, rather than talking it out, he makes me feel better with jokes and his terrible singing. He always knows the right thing to say to put a smile on my face.

He is one of the most amazing and patient listeners. He listens to all my stupid chatter and never complains. He knows every little detail of my life and guards my secrets. Sometimes when it seems like no one cares, I know he does. I am afraid to bother other people with my problems, but not with him.

He encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and convinces me to try out new things. His generosity is inspiring. He never judges me on my appearance. His constant positivity and never give in attitude reminds me to stay strong. I know I am a lot to handle and I appreciate and trust him the most!