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It’s a hard life; But it’s still LIFE

In this race of life, we must often dare to rise above obstacles, no matter time or circumstance. Whether small or big, we must work to fulfill our responsibilities and build self reliance. Among thousands of people walking unknown on the streets, there are a few that stand out with hard work and determination written across their face. They meet life’s challenges head on with a smile, not losing hope, building a secure tomorrow. In this edition, WOW spoke to four women street vendors to learn about their work, their life and their dreams. Excerpts:

Samjhana Shrestha
18 (Gorkha)
She sells selroti in Indrachowk.

“Every morning – from 4 to 9 am – I cook selrotis and in the evening from 6 till 9 pm, I prepare momos. This is my daily routine. I was brought up in Gorkha and lived with my grandparents there. When I turned 14 I came to Kathmandu to help my parents. This business helps us survive,” says Samjhana Shrestha for whom maturity didn’t come from age but from life’s experiences.

At 18, she is the backbone of the business and a huge support for the family. She has a simple wish: she wants to continue studies and become a teacher. She passed her SLC examinations from Durbar High School and wants to pursue further education. But the world is not a wish granting factory and Samjhana knows this well. She has kept her dream on hold and being the eldest among four siblings, she works hard to make her parents proud and happy.

Samjhana’s Dream: “There are so many dreams. Who doesn’t have dreams? But I believe dreams always don’t come true and that’s why these days I don’t dream much. I believe in action and karma. And I’m doing just that.”