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Marriage, Living-In or Single

Samridhi Rana
Senior Program Officer, Community Based Rehabilitation, Karuna Foundation Nepal

Marriage, whether in a man or woman’s life, appears to have equal meaning and it is constructed according to how you have been brought up or from your expectations of what you have seen around you. It is a social sanction that is given to two individuals to belong together – the rest is in their hands to make it the way they want.

Partners decide to live in for various reasons I guess. One is to explore if they are compatible to live together in the longer term. Another reason could be because it is the best option to share accommodation with the person you are in a relationship with especially if you are living away from home. Third, I can think of is when new flat mates end up seeing each other… they get lived-in!
Singlehood is basically freedom – it allows me to eat how much I want, when I want and where I want. I can go anywhere by myself and change my destination whenever I want at my own pace, interest and liking , and I am able to meet or interact with as many interesting people as I want.