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Do YOU celebrate traditions?

Sanam Karki
MBA Student, Freelance Writer and Travel Enthusiast

Traditions are practices that are passed from one generation to the other. One way or the other, these practices are always influencing our daily life. They originate from the fact that we belong to diverse cultural backgrounds and have differences in our value system.

I have never given any thought to why we should follow traditions and what importance it holds in a person’s life. The fact is: I am grounded. The values that I am engraved by shape my way of life and make me the person I am. My thoughts, my feelings, my way of dealing with the extremities of life are all the product of the values that I am bounded by and the traditions I carry out in my daily life.

Traditions make our life rich in norms: the specific set of standards to be followed. While we know these rules set limit to the soul who wishes to spread their wings and fly higher; we cannot deny the fact that our traditions are the wind beneath our wings. This is especially true in case of Nepali traditions. They help you set your identity, set your foot right to achieve what you want in life!
However, they also poison innocent minds with limitations. Restrictions are imposed and we are made to listen to dictums about what might happen if our heart dreams beyond boundaries set by traditions. The case is further worsened for Nepali girls and women where there is a stereotype about the right behaviour of a girl and submission by a daughter in law.

But I am an optimistic soul who wishes to see green even when it is grey. My tradition is my way of life. My tradition allows me the luxury to be who I am, value my imperfections and move ahead beyond life’s hurdles. My tradition is an experience that allows me to indulge in a meaningful life where my identity is valued. I celebrate my traditions. I celebrate it with an abstract enthusiasm be it anywhere in the world but identified as a girl, as a daughter, a Nepali and a global citizen.